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4 Steps To Getting New PT Patients From The Internet
Written by Christine Walker, PT, DPT, PYT, PES
You finally did it. You quit your run-of-the-mill PT job and started your own practice. 
And you couldn't be more excited…or scared…all at the same time. I know, because I've been there.
When I first started my cash PT practice I was completely dependent on my personal efforts to get patients.
Word-of- mouth was my main referral source…which is not a good thing if you want to grow and scale a business. You're not going to get anywhere very fast depending on others for new patients.
So I decided I had to figure out how to get patients from the internet, but I had no idea how.
Fast forward a few years and now I consistently get new patients from the internet. So…if you want to attract new patients fro the internet, what do you have to do? 
Here are the FOUR steps to getting new patients into your PT business from the internet 
#1 Create a website that captures leads
There are a lot of website out there that are completely worthless when it comes to building a business from internet traffic. Don't make the mistake assuming that just because a website "looks good" or a company is "doing well" that they have internet marketing figured out. It's just not true. If your website isn't enticing people to take action so that you capture their information, then you basically have a glorified business card on the internet (and you know what happens to most business cards…they get thrown in the trash or forgotten in the back of a drawer) 
#2 Drive traffic to that website
Just because you "build it" doesn't mean that "people will come". There are ways to increase your chance of organically showing up in front of people's eyes on the internet, but it's not going to bring in a lot of leads fast. If you build a beautiful 5-star hotel in the middle of nowhere…people won't find it. The internet is like a busy highway and you need to "jump out in front of the traffic" so that everyone takes a look at you. In other words, you need to find ways to direct people to your website. This could be in the form of Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, direct mail, or anything else that gets your name in front of a lot of people. 
#3 Capture the leads on your website
Step 3 is where your website captures the information of website visitors so that you can follow-up with them and begin a relationship (see #4). The best way to do this is by offering lots of free information that they can get in exchange for their contact details. You must be willing to give away things of value in order to build a customer base from the internet!
#4 Convert the leads to patients 
The final step is for you to work on nurturing these leads so that they become patients. Most people are not ready to buy from you the first time they learn about your services. When was the last time you went on Amazon and purchased something without reading a review or looking for more information? Um…for me? NEVER. 
Sound like a lot? It is! And your website is JUST the beginning. It's your home base…your platform to which you can send everyone. 
So here are some places where people get stuck…(which one are you?!)
Where's your website? Some people are really good at getting patients to book once the phone rings, but the phone rarely rings. Maybe that’s you…maybe you're dependent on past patients passing your name along. I have a friend who previously never had a website and was solely dependent on word-of-mouth referrals. Once the phone calls died down he realized his business was too dependent on one referral source. 
Don't know how to build a website? That's why I created the PT Website Secrets Workshop…to show PTs exactly how they can build a website to capture leads…without being "tech-savvy" or hiring an expensive website developer.
Website or yellow pages? Maybe you get a ton of traffic to your website (maybe you even do paid advertising like Google AdWords, or pay for an ad at a school or in a newspaper) but your website is more of a "glorified yellow pages" and doesn't entice visitors to give you their information. Visitors take a quick look at your website, then leave and forget they ever considered you. This means you're losing a TON of $$$! That was me BEFORE I re-designed my website and started giving away free valuable information in exchange for contact details.
Are you on a country road? Maybe you built an awesome website that will capture leads, but you have no traffic. You're like the 5-star hotel on the country road that no one ever passes. Significant internet traffic doesn't just happen organically…you have to jump in front of the traffic (paid ads, workshops, something!) 
Can't convert? And lastly…you've got a website bringing in leads, you're driving traffic to your site, you're getting new leads each day, but you're having trouble converting these leads to patients. This is a GREAT problem to have…"you're three feet from gold". And the best advice I can give you is to go talk to my buddy Paul Gough…he's the expert at helping people learn how to do this one! 
So which one are you? 
I've created a quiz to help you determine how successful your PT website is…just click below for a copy of the quiz. 


Christine Walker is a physical therapist, cash PT practice owner, wife & mom of 2 in Charlotte, NC. She helps other PTs find financial and professional freedom by tackling the technology needed to build their business websites to bring in MORE new patient leads from the internet. She loves the Tar Heels, hot tea, and chasing her kids around the house as they dribble soccer balls.  Connect with her on Facebook by clicking HERE.

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