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I was sitting in the doctor's office…confused, numb, scared…and reliving the painful memories I had exactly 3 years ago. 

The dreadful feeling in the pit of my stomach was growing.  To make it worse, my husband wasn't even there for this appointment. 
All I could think was, "Would I ever see my unborn son's face alive?"
When you're a physical therapist, it's really hard to hear your doctor say the words "BED REST" and "ACTIVITY RESTRICTIONS".

I mean, I am a PHYSICAL therapist, right?! How do I work without moving?!

As a solo practitioner, these words sounded like a death sentence to my young cash practice. 

OF COURSE, I was willing to do anything to keep my unborn son safe, even if it meant sacrificing my young and growing private practice. 

Actually, I had done something similar to ensure my daughter's safety 3 years earlier…I spent 13 weeks laying on my sofa until she could be safely delivered…but that was before I was a business owner. 

How could a solo PT clinic survive without a PT? 

I had 4 months of limited activity to figure out how I was going to save my cash practice so that I had a job to come back to after my son was born. 
Sitting in that doctor's office, scared to death, with a sinking feeling in my stomach…I had an epiphany…

When I started my physical therapy clinic I didn't have enough money to pay $2000-$3000 plus a monthly fee for someone else to build and manage my website. 

I spent WEEKS creating a picture-perfect website for my practice, but even on a "drag-and-drop" platform, it was stressful because I didn't have a guide. 
After many late nights and missed time with my family, I hit the "publish" button HOPING that people would find my physical therapy private practice and inquire about my services.
The problem was...one year later I still had ZERO new patients from the internet, DESPITE 5-star Google reviews and steady traffic to my website…

Why weren't patients calling? 

I secretly cringed every time someone complimented my "good looking" website because NO ONE inquired about my services. 

Sitting in that doctor's office, I realized I needed to figure out why people were finding my website, but not becoming patients. Why was I dependent on word of mouth and physician referrals? What was I doing wrong?  

I spent the next 4 months viciously researching this problem, and learned that my website content and design were all wrong.  

Now it was crystal clear to me that I had to make changes to my website if I wanted to get patients from the internet.  

As a result, I slowly started re-making my website from the ground up. 

And that's what I did… 
During the process, I learned that you don't have to be tech savvy or spend thousands of dollars hiring a web developer to make big changes to your website that result in MORE PATIENT LEADS for your PT clinic.  

I started getting calls and emails from people who found me on the internet asking for PT. I heard things like "your website just spoke to me" and "I knew you were the right fit for me"….stuff I had NEVER heard from patients before.    

Suddenly, I was no longer dependent on word of mouth of physician referrals. When I went back to work after my son was born, I already had patients waiting for me.  
When I first became an "Expert" on PT Websites, I was concerned, because I didn't have any credentials or special computing degrees… 

Sure, everyone in my family was either a healthcare professional or a computer programmer, but I was the first to blend the two… 

Really, I just knew that what I showed people worked and I wanted to share it. 

But what caught me off-guard was how helping people get what they want in life actually changed the quality of my own life. 

Sure, I started to make a lot more money, BUT…more importantly, each person I helped opened up new doors for me. Through my "Expert" business, I've been able to connect with PTs around the WORLD and meet (and work with!) cool people like Paul Gough, Aron LeBauer, Erson Religioso, and Jerry Durham… 

But the REAL hidden benefit has been the fulfillment I get when I see someone else transform his or her PT practice. When they're able to treat the patients they love, or hire a PT so they can be on vacation and still make $$$! 

And that's what this business is really about for me…helping other PTs achieve THEIR dreams, and I'm guessing since you're here you probably feel the same way…you want to help your patients achieve THEIR dreams - am I right?  

If so, then you're in the right place…and the first thing you need to do to people to help from the internet is re-design your website. Welcome to PT Website Secrets…

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