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Have Website Frustrations And Want To Talk Personally To Christine? 
Apply For A Strategy Call Here...  www.ptwebsitesecrets.com/strategy
What People Are Saying About Christine Walker...
"After hearing so many different things from so many people for so long and wasting so much time on useless internet research for how to make my own website, I reached out to Christine, it was a God send! Christine's method...it's genius..."
-Nuha Hassan, PT
Ascend Physical Therapy
"We're getting a lot more direct response from our website with people asking questions or wanting to set up a consultation...I can definitely say that our internet-based referrals have gone way up."

-Kris Winders, PT
BBN Physical Therapy
"Websites have been my kryptonite...I've tried with 3 or 4 other people to get a website going...with Christine, I'm now farther along in 2 weeks than I ever got in 15 YEARS!"

-Dorothy McGuinness, PT
Simple Healing
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