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It’s True! You Can Get New Patients From Your Website: Flashback | Episode 1

One of the reason PTs, Chiropractors, Concierge Doctors, & other private practices owners struggle to grow their businesses is because they forget to leverage the most important tool available today - the internet. 

Often overlooked as “just another piece of marketing”, your clinic’s website is actually the entire foundation of your business. It’s your storefront in today’s online world. If you’re not using it to get new patients, you’re losing not just $$$ but also the opportunity to change peoples’ lives who are struggling with their health. 

I’m Christine Walker, best-selling author, cash-based PT, and affectionally called “The Website Wizard” (even though my husband says I’m more of a witch). I’ve helped hundreds of healthcare business owners across the globe transform their websites for more patients and more profit. 

Join me today as I recount my story from website flop to winning success as I’m interviewed by my close friends, Alex Engar & Will Boyd. 

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