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Written by Christine Walker, PT, DPT, PYT, PES
Are you a cash-based PT owner who is having trouble getting patients to pay your cash prices? Does everyone "want to use their insurance?" Do you feel like you're being price-shopped for the cheapest option?
Let's get one thing straight. If you don't want to be price-shopped, then don't put your prices on your website. 
Ok, so in truth, it's a little more complicated than this, but taking your prices OFF your website needs to be your #1 priority. Go do it (as soon as you finish reading this article…)
Written by Christine Walker, PT, DPT, PYT, PES
Do you need patients NOW (or…yesterday…???)
I'm not talking about an established practice that is having a slump in patients this week. I'm talking to you who literally have 1 patient, or maybe none…YET. 
Well, I'm going to share with you a secret that most web designers don't want you to know.
Online marketing is a "long game". Let me explain…
Written by Christine Walker, PT, DPT, PYT, PES
Welcome to the Legend Of The Mysterious Facebook Pixel….
If you're like many PT business owners, you've heard the term "pixel" floating around the internet, but many people still have no idea what it is. I get this question all the time…so I wanted to give you a primer on what a Facebook pixel is and how to use it to improve your PT business.
The bottom line is this: even if you are NOT doing internet advertising right now, you want to have a Facebook pixel on your website so that when you decide to jump into internet marketing, you already have a group of people to show your ads. 
Written by Christine Walker, PT, DPT, PYT, PES
Want to be the "go-to" PT clinic in your town???
Here's one of the fastest ways to do it…
Get the most Google reviews. 
These days, even if your own mother recommends a business, you're going to look them up online before calling them. It's just how things work. 
Google reviews are the lifeline of your company's success…or failure. 
Written by Christine Walker, PT, DPT, PYT, PES
Somewhere along the line as a physical therapy business owner you've probably heard the word "SEO". 
In our profession, we're used to hearing a lot of acronyms…and sometimes they can be confusing…
I remember once when I was chart reviewing in acute care cardiac I kept thinking "Wow! How weird that all these patients have CP" (thinking: cerebral palsy…I am a peds therapist by training…)
Of course, cardiac doctors use CP for "Chest Pain"….duh….
Anyway…you may be wondering what SEO is. 
SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". 
In a nutshell, it means "what can I do to my website to organically get it to rank higher".
In other words, what you can do to your website to rank higher WITHOUT paying for ads. 
Sounds awesome right? 
Written by Christine Walker, PT, DPT, PYT, PES
The other morning I accidently stumbled upon a meeting of entrepreneurs at Whole Foods. My friend and I were enjoying a cup of coffee, watching our kids run around the play area, while this meeting was going on behind us. (Don't ask me why they were meeting in the kids play area…I kinda felt bad for them with 4 kids under 5 running around…)
A woman was giving tips to other business owners on "how to create their own websites" and
here's what she advised…
"First, you need to go look at what your competitors are doing. Look at what's working for them."
I turned to my friend and said, "that's pretty much the WORST advice she can give..."
Written by Christine Walker, PT, DPT, PYT, PES
Let's say you're about to start you dream PT practice - the one where you get to treat patients just the way you want…for as long as you want…without the pressure of seeing multiple patients at a time or worrying about whether you're meeting the productivity standards for the "run-of-the-mill" physical therapy practice.

Or maybe you already have a PT business website, but the one you have right now is NOT getting you any new patient leads from the internet. Instead it's acting like a pretty online business card that people look at once and then easily forget about.

Either way, you've decided you need a new website and the first question you ask if "Which platform should I use to build my new website?"
Written by Christine Walker, PT, DPT, PYT, PES
When I started my cash practice I was shocked how much time I was doing "paperwork". I thought I had left the traditional physical therapy model behind when I started my own business. Boy...was I wrong...

While I didn't have an insurance company demanding specific documentation, I still had patients who wanted to file their physical therapy benefits through their insurance company. I started using a simple Microsoft Word page, saving it as a PDF, and emailing it to clients. I quickly realized how inefficient this system was and started looking for an online alternative that would allow me to QUICKLY generate an invoice AND email it to clients. 

After finding QuickBooks to be cumbersome when creating new clients, I turned to a new online program (that also happened to be free!) I've put together a demo video for you so that YOU can simplify your private practice with online superbills. 
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