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[Even While You're Sleeping, On Vacation, Or Just Seeing Another Patient]
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Your Private Practice Website So You Get More New Patient Leads...
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A Message From Christine Walker:

Dear PT Practice Owner,
Is your current website a flop? 
Is it struggling to bring in new patient leads for your PT practice? Are you not sure what to do about it? 

As a PT practice owner, you want to have a website that works FOR your business and helps you get new patients. 

Let's be honest. It's scary when you don't know where the next new patient is going to come from and your website can't be relied on to help. 

Traditional web designers and website companies just don't for work physical therapy. They have good intentions, but they don't understand what we actually do or how to market it. That's why most PT websites are flops. 
If you're serious about getting new patients from your website, you need a different approach. 
I understand how hard it can be. Like you, I've faced the same challenges you face today, like being dependent on word of mouth or other referral sources, and even wondering if you have what it takes to become a real business owner. 

These obstacles forced me to figure out how to transform my clinic's website into a predictable patient-generating machine. Two years later, I've now coached over 100 PTs across North America to transform their websites so they predictably get new patients from the internet. 

The truth is, it's NOT your fault that your website isn't working or that your business goals keep getting derailed. You've been given bad information, and your website is simply broken. 

You need a better way. 
That's why I created the PT Website Secrets 
Transformation Workshop
It gives you a proven path to transform your website into an ONLINE EMPLOYEE.

If you're serious about getting patients from the internet, and you want to go from stuck with an "online brochure" website to being confident that your website will generate predictable new patient leads, you need to join The WORKSHOP.

Because in today's online world, having a website that converts online visitors to new patient leads can mean the difference between growing the practice of your dreams or having to go back to the “run of the mill” PT clinic where you’re seeing 20+ patients a day…

Every minute you wait is another minute you’re losing patient leads from the internet…leads that could help you grow the practice of your dreams! 
Here’s What PTs Like You Are Saying About 
The PT Website Secrets Method:
Are these results typical? Of course not...but you're not typical either and your results shouldn't be typical. I'm not looking for people to be in this program who just want "typical". I want people who are going to invest their time and energy to get the results they're looking for.
“Marketing BEFORE your PT website is WORKING is like 
inviting people to opening night of your new restaurant 
but giving the chef the night off…”
-Simon Godding, Marketing Expert For Top PTs In The U.S.A. With Paul Gough Media
Here's How And Why I Can Make You These Promises...

You might be wondering, how did I go from small cash PT business owner to "PT Website Expert"…and on to become the go-to person for PTs across the US when it comes to building or TRANSFORMING their clinic's websites?!?

It’s been journey, with many unexpected twists and turns…here’s how it started:

A few years out of PT school, I decided that I either had to start my own CASH PT practice…or give up on practicing PT forever…
I felt like I had no other choice...
I couldn't stand the "run-of-the-mill" PT clinic model where patients were double, tripled, or (even worse) QUADRUPLE book and providing "cookie-cutter" care where everyone got the same treatment…I wanted to practice an entirely different way. I wanted to provide a different experience.

And so I did. I went for it and started a cash practice…
And I much so that I found myself on BEDREST while pregnant with my 2nd child...
As a solo practitioner, this sounded like a death sentence to my young cash practice.

While I would do anything to protect my unborn baby, I felt like I had no choice - it was do or die for my cash practice. 

I was too dependent on in-person marketing and word of mouth referrals for my cash practice to survive. 

I HAD to figure out how to bring in more new patients from my website so that I could nurture leads from my sofa and have a business to come back to after my son was born.

As I write, I have "re-started" my clinic from ZERO patients TWICE now…all by using my website and online marketing strategies.
My website has now become my hardest working employee. It brings in leads for me 24/7…even when I'm sleeping.
I love waking up to inquires in my mailbox from people asking about my services…

To get to that point, I invested a lot of time and money into training courses, masterminds, and spending a lot of time reading.

Over time, word started to get out that I had "hacked" a way to create one of these profitable websites on my own…without spending thousands of dollars or hiring a web developer or having a fancy computing degree.

PTs from all over the country started asking me for advice...
That's when I realized I have a special system that I needed to share.
I was a bit reluctant at first…I'm a busy mom of 2 kids…how would I have the time to do all this? Would people really want to listen to a physical therapist talk about websites and tech stuff???

In the end, I went for it…because I knew there were too many AMAZING PTs out there struggling to get patients into their clinics…and truthfully, I'm just one person and can only see so many patients in a week…and if I could help more patients by helping PTs then I was ALL IN!

And I'm so glad I put aside my personal fears because I found a welcoming community from around the world…

Paul Gough who coaches the top PTs in the USA supported my journey and has allowed me to share my system with his Mastermind Group... and teach at his Live Marketing Bootcamp. 

CashPT Expert Aaron LeBauer invited me to be the feature speaker at his Live Elite Mastermind Event…

Greg Todd has asked me to teach his elite mastermind group how to build their websites AND to speak at SSPT Live…

I've been invited to talk on multiple podcasts and share my journey…

And I've made some AMAZING friends along the way...
Through all this my goal remains the same: to serve my fellow PTs by helping them position their PT services online so they get more new patients.

That way, together we can impact your community and keep as many people as possible off painkillers, out of the doctor's office, and back to living their active lifestyles…

And also for YOU get to build the career and lifestyle of YOUR dreams…
That's why I created the PT Website Secrets WORKSHOP....
In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg 
of What's Inside The PT Website Secrets
Transformation Workshop...
  •  You'll discover exactly how to get a successful PT website that converts visitors to new patient leads…so that you can stop worrying about where (or when) the next new patient is coming.
  • You'll understand exactly why the BEST physical therapy websites give away valuable information for free AND how to implement the same strategy quickly and easily (so you don't miss out on the 93% who aren't ready to BOOK NOW!)
  • You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST PT practice owners make and go right to the end of the process.
  • You'll know exactly how to avoid the BIGGEST mistake people make when writing content for their website (and why it keeps potential patients from calling your clinic!)
  • You'll have a TON more money in your pocket when you stop losing out on all the patients you COULD be getting from your website!
The Numbers Don't Lie!
81% of consumers conduct online research before making big purchases…don’t make the mistake of assuming your patients DON’T do their research before picking a physical therapist! 
So Here's The Bottom Line With 
The PT Website Secrets Transformation Workshop 
You get the member’s only video course that will walk you step-by-step through the entire process of revamping your website from start to finish. You get the exact blueprint you need to succeed! (A $10,000 Value)
But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...
Bonus #1: PT Website Secrets Blueprint
This blueprint shows you exactly what needs to go where on each page of your website - it's your entire website designed on paper. Just hand it to your web developer, or create it yourself with the Tech Tutorial Bonus! This proven blueprint has generated $100,000s worth of new patients for over 75 PTs across the country.

$5,000 Value
Bonus #2: Free Reports Tip Banks
If you don't know what to write for your freebies and downloads, then I've got this problem solved for you. Just select from my tips bank and put them into your freebie. That means no more second guessing if you're giving away too little or too much infromation in your free downloads or videos. 

$1,500 Value
Bonus #3: My Back Pain, Knee Pain, AND Neck & Shoulder Pain Report Email Follow-Up Sequences (And Tech Instructions!)
You’ll have all my emails (copyright free!) to jump start your follow-up email system. Our tech tutorials will show you exactly how to set up these emails and connect them to your website in the most popular CRMs - Active Campaign & Infusionsoft. This means no more sitting around wondering what you should write in those follow-up email - I’ve got you covered.

$3,000 Value
(If you've ever gotten a quote from a copywriter, you know this bonus is worth even more than this...)
Bonus #4: My Custom 3-Step Forms
Don’t build them from scratch! I’ll give you mineI’ll walk you through STEP BY STEP how to edit my custom forms for your practice and show you how to put them up online. No more being dependent on a slow-working web developer to get these effective & proven forms up on your online platform.

$2,500 Value 
Bonus #5: 6-Weeks Access To My Private Community Support & Growth Group
I’m bringing in a special guest to give you the secrets to connecting with your patients so they happily complete their plan of care. This is going to increase your revenue per patient by stopping drop-offs before they happen! 

$2,000 Value
Bonus MODULE: Plan Of Care Completion Secrets ($2,000 Value Itself)
I’m bringing in a special guest to give you the secrets to connecting with your patients so they happily complete their plan of care. This is going to increase your revenue per patient by stopping drop-offs before they happen! 

$2,000 Value 
As you can see, this offer is worth $26,000… 
but it's yours for just 3 easy payments of $927

And you have nothing to lose because you can... 
Try The PT Website Secrets 
Transformation Workshop Risk-Free!

With our PT Website Success Guarantee, The PT Website Workshop is 100% risk-free to join.

Here’s how my PT Website Success Guarantee works: Try the FIRST moudle, and if by the end of module 1 you don't think it'll do what you're hoping for, I'll give you your money back. 

If you're sitting on the fence...there's nothing you can lose by giving it a try! 
As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so....
Here's How To Join Right Now...
One-time Payment
Best Value!

6 Payments of
For 6 Months

9 Payments of
For 9 Months

The Curriculum: 
Here's What The Workshop Covers...
Module #1: Find Your People. Get Their Attention.
We’ll dive straight in and learn how to magically capture the attention of online visitors so they are interested in your services within SECONDS and don't hit the back button (and go call your competitor down the street...)
Module #2: Capture Hot Leads (The 15%)
We’ll uncover the secret sauce to grabbing contact information of the online visitors who won’t (or can’t) pick up the phone…so you can start relationships and begin the process of converting them to paying patients.
Module #3: Crafting Irresistable Offers (For The 85% Not Ready Yet)
I’ll show you how to create irresistible offers for those not ready to do business with you (yet) and show you how to follow-up on auto-pilot. Plus, I'll make it SO EASY by giving you our proven COPY CREATION TEMPLATES. That means no more staring at a blank page or wondering what to write on your website (or if it is is going to work…)
Module #4: Optimize For The Future
I’ll reveal the hidden gold that most businesses leave unattended by showing you how to create a system to analyze your newest employee so you know when and how to make changes online to get more patients. 
*BONUS* Module #5: Plan Of Care Completion Secrets ($2,000 Value Itself)
I’m bringing in a special guest to give you the secrets to connecting with your patients so they happily complete their plan of care. This is going to increase your revenue per patient by stopping drop-offs before they happen! 
Join Me Now To Get Your Website TRANSFORMED!
To your success,

Christine Walker
P.S: Every minute you wait is another minute you’re losing patient leads from the internet…leads that could help you grow the practice of your dreams!
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