Are You Ready for a Website Partner Who Knows As Much About Marketing Physical Therapy As They Do Website Creation

We'll Make Magic With Your Message,  Relieve The Tech Tension Off Your Shoulders, And Power-Up Your Practice...

By Turning Your Website Into An 

Online Employee

Freeing You Up To Spend More Time With Your Family, Take Better Care Of Yourself, And Create A Business That Runs On Its Own.

Just imagine having a website team...

  • Whose managed hundreds of PTs websites across more than 16 niches and will bring that experience and expertise to YOUR private practice.
  • ​Who knows PHYSICAL THERAPY specific marketing strategies better than anyone else out there because we track how our clients our clients are successful and set up the same principles for your PT website.
  • ​Who works with an industry-leading tech team who can work 24/7 to help support you, and keep up with the latest Google updates and online strategies making sure you're always cutting edge. 
  • Who doesn't just do the tactical work but is your marketing partner and cares deeply about helping with everything from your messaging to your strategy.
  • Who is ready to take “the website marketing stuff” off your plate so you can scale your PT business, hire the next employee, and do the things that only YOU can do in your business. 

Honestly, we’re more than a website team -- we’re a marketing partner who will care about your business growth just as much as YOU (maybe even more)! 

We’re here to play the long game and help you create 
the private practice you desire for your life and your family. 

To date, PT Website Secrets has worked with over 231 Physical Therapy Clinics and has generated over 27,425 leads for our clients.


# PT Clinics






Hours Saved
For Business Owners

We’ve literally seen and done it ALL.

(The only thing we DON’T do is cookie-cutter websites and marketing. 
Without your personality, personalization, and focus on your online marketing avatar, your website won't work.

We Have Services for All Types 
(And Levels) Of Physical Therapy Websites

Whether you’re looking to launch a website that works FOR you that you can manage on your own or desperately need ongoing, full-service support where everything is taken care of for you, the PT Website Secrets team can help take your clinic to the next level...

With our website systems, you don't have to sacrifice yourself or your family along the way to get the results you want.

Ready for a true, expert partner in using your Website as an Online Employee working for you 24/7?

This path is designed for you if:

- You are a high-level, established private practice. Patients are coming in and they already love your services.

- You convert the new patient leads you get and have people consistently on the schedule .

- You are ready to up-level what you are doing with your website, get more patients for your services, and have a budget to invest in your success.

Supercharge your revenue and scale your PT business to the next level with our most full-service package which includes personalized marketing strategy, ongoing done-for-you website creation, management, strategy, monthly reporting and analysis so you can scale strategically and maximize your ROI while minimizing the cost to get results.
Let us take you step-by-step to fully transform your website into an online employee that works when you're busy?
This path is designed for you if:

- You do not already have a fully established private practice (meaning your schedule is inconsistent and you're still in the business building process).

- You built your own website or want to continue managing your own website but are lost on how to do it and maximize results.

- You want support with nailing down your website & marketing strategy but don't have a massive budget to do so.

This program combines video trainings, swipe files, templates, regular live trainings and support calls, and more with the PT Website Secrets Team so you can master your website as a marketing channel with the help of our team.

But Just Because We Do Everything,
Doesn’t Mean We Work With Everyone…

Spots are limited and they ALWAYS fill up fast.
We only work with people we KNOW we can help and screen each application individually.

PT Website Secrets IS a fit 
for clients who are:

PT Website Secrets is NOT a fit 
for clients who are:

Willing to lean into our expertise, become a part of our proven track record of results, follow our process, and do the work necessary to achieve results.

Confident and know the type of private practice AND lifestyle they want to have.
Clear in their understanding of the importance of having an online marketing avatar (ideal patient).
​Interested in growing a sustainable long term PT business success vs. just looking for a quick fix to get extra patients right this second. 
Ability to invest in their online website and still pay their bills
​Committed to creating value and following our advice when it comes to building their website, nurturing clients, and increasing their website traffic. 
​Willing to be numbers oriented instead of emotionally driven when it comes to business & marketing decisions
Still figuring out what type of private practice they want to have or aren't 100% dedicated to making it a reality. 
Not 100% sure what patients they want to work with. 
​In the beginning stages of starting their business and lack the legal structure or protection to see patients now.
Who just want a piece of advice and then plan to go at it alone -- we can’t work with business owners who bottleneck the process.
Not ready to invest in their website, their marketing, or getting new patients online.
Looking for a get-rich-quick money scheme.
Unwilling to experiment, take our expert advice, or try new strategies.

You and your business are 100% unique — that’s why we innovate fresh, customized strategies specifically tailored to your story, your clients, your message, and your dreams.

Sound Like Something You Can Get Excited About?

We only work with people we KNOW we can help and screen each application individually.



You’re making an impact with your clinic. 

People are coming in for PT, your schedule has patients, and you're managing employees (or thinking about hiring). That's AWESOME! But now it’s time to grow to the next level, reach for the lifestyle you've dreamed of,’re stuck.
Maybe you’re stressed what you did last year to get patients isn't working now. Or maybe the it feels like your website is just sitting on the internet doing nothing. Perhaps your last website agency, even though they claimed to understand PT, just doesn't get it. They're not marketers, and they definitely don't understand how to attract new patients.

You're frustrated. (Understandably.)

Does your website have old employees still listed on it? Or maybe it says you still run a program you discontinued 2 years ago? The to-do list for your website is growing longer, but you're wary to do anything because it hasn't changed your results in the past. 

We hear you.

Do you want to have the confidence that when people are looking for your services online, your website will convert?  

Are you wishing someone would just take this all off your plate so you can get back to working on what you love to do in your private practice. 

Our Premier Package gives you direct access to a marketing and website building team who manages PT clinics from all across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. We are the behind-the-scenes magic to some of the fastest-growing clinics out there, and now YOU can get access to the same system and strategic support. 

We're not here to just 'manage your website'. We're here to make magic with your message and perfect it for website lead generation. We're here to put all your personal information into our custom website platform proven for conversions. We're here to keep pushing you forward and maximizes your business growth with a total website marketing strategy...without you having to sacrifice time for yourself or your family.

We are ultimately here to get you MORE than a website. We build you a custom online employee (who works 24/7, never takes a vacation, and doesn't ask for performance raise.)

Instead of distracting yourself or your team with website stuff they don't fully understand, hire us and receive unprecedented access to the PT Website Secrets System & Team! 

We help wildly-driven PT practice owners create and leverage strategic websites as a marketing channel so they can get more leads, patients, and revenue…

Our passion is to help you massively scale your private practice and create a positive influence on your community through a killer website strategy. We're here for you as partners in the long game as you dominate your competition and get back to working on the parts of your business you LOVE the most. 

What You Must Have To Qualify:

  • In-depth knowledge of your audience and online marketing avatar (ideal client)
  • ​A business that has proven success of getting patients to schedule 
  • ​​Trust in our team: be comfortable with trying out new tactics, strategies, and listening to us when we say focus on one main strategy!
  • ​​Yearly revenue of at least 6-figures + at least $350 per month in website marketing budget

Our Premier Package Includes...

Onboarding call to plan your website structure, strategy, timeline, goals, marketing message and assets.

A complete hands-off tech approach to having an Online Employee Website. We do everything.

Unrestricted access via phone, email, text, and zoom. We're here for you in every way - and fast.

Expert website copy personally written for you (with an easy process to make it feel like it's got your special touch.)

The best in website security, backups, and HIPAA-compliant lead generation means no worries for you at night.

Monthly performance reports  on your website's results with recommendations on how to make a greater impact.

Ongoing strategy and optimization to meet your goals for your websites and your physical therapy clinic.

Daily management and downtime monitoring by our expert tech team. 

2 pre-written blog posts (copyright-free) made available to you each month.

Who Thrived in Premier?

"I am 100% cash PT and was able to generate $10K of business in the first 7 days of the year. This was only possible because of to the amazing website created through the PT Website Secrets System. My first practice was so successful, I've now been able to start a 2nd practice in my field of passion - Animal Therapy!"

Josh Hall - Owner Of Two Cash-Based PT Clinics & 2 PTWS Websites
 (one for humans and one for animals!)

“Before working with Christine, I was stressed and relying on doctor referrals and weekend events to get new patients. My old website was more or less an online brochure. My new PT Website Secrets website is an active, integrated, lead-generating machine! It gets us new patients each week!”

Paul Jones - Multi-Location Insurance-Based Clinic

“Before, I was stuck working as a contractor and unable to grow my location efficiently and effectively. Now, I’m 100% on my own, have my own PT Website Secrets website, am making more money, and am now able to spend the time needed to develop the business. I’m excited to finally get my practice where I want it to be!”

Jamie So - Owner Of Cash-Based PT Clinic

“I highly recommend Christine and PT Website Secrets. Before, I was getting zero calls from my website. Now, I get calls and the people coming in are more prepared to buy than before. It’s allowed me to add extra income WITHOUT working harder! Thank you again, Christine!”

John Davidson - Owner of Hybrid PT Clinic & Circuit Training Gym 
(And 2 PTWS Websites!)

Wondering where you fit in? Let's chat!
We can help you identify which package suits you best.

What Makes PT Website Secrets SO DIFFERENT From All The Other Website Companies?

Well, for starters, we don't just "build websites"...

We Invigorate Your Marketing Strategy, Execute With Killer Technology, And Communicate Better Than Anyone Else. PLLUS, We've Helped Hundreds Of PT Practice Owners Explode Their Reach, Impact, & Profits.


# PT Clinics






Hours Saved For
Business Owners

With the PT Website Secrets System, we’ve proven hundreds of times over that we can successfully launch NEW websites as well as scale existing success.
Every month we generate hundreds of leads for our clients using strategic websites because our team knows what's working (and what isn't) in the every-changing online landscape. You get 

Your private practice domination starts with THE PT WEBSITE SECRETS SYSTEM, where you get cutting-edge strategy and continual support from a world-class team.


The PT Website Secrets System

The PT Website Secrets 
Enrollment Process

Onboarding Call With 
Our Lead Strategist 

Daily Hands-On Management And Monitoring Of Your Website

Unique & Custom 
Marketing Strategy 

Weekly Strategy Calls 
WIth Our World-Class Team

Assets, Copywriting, & Graphics 
By Our Winning Project Team

Tracking Sheets & Reports To 
Easily Understand Your Results

Love & Support - We Treat
Your Business Is Our Own

Continual Optimization
And Scaling

Not at the point yet where you could hire out your website but want to get access to our agency-level secrets?

Want to take your website into your own hands so you can start getting high-performing results?

Let us take you step-by-step through our proven PT Website Secrets System to kickstart your clinic's online lead generation!


The Workshop

The Workshop is a first-of-its-kind training + live coaching experience that tackles every aspect of website building and marketing with data-driven solutions so you can maximize your ROI, scale your business, and create an online presence to convert people looking for your services.

Yes, we give away our secrets to those clinics in the early phases of growth so they can succeed EVEN IF they don't have the money to hire a web developer. 

(What type of business gives away all their secrets like that? One created by a PT who wished she'd had this program when starting her cash practice...)
Get laser-focused with digestible video trainings, unmatched tools, templates, swipe files, and expert resources perfectly organized for one purpose: making your website a high-performer without hiring a website team. 

PLUS you'll get personal feedback (and accountability) from our top team members. Only PT Website Secrets delivers a custom, built-with-you website plan COMBINED with the tech support needed to be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

We’re the Team You Want to Learn From: PT Website Secrets has handled 231+ websites for physical therapists across the globe. Now, we're sharing ALL our resources with YOU so you can get the same killer results.

The Workshop is NOT just another DIY course that's going to collect digital dust on your desktop.
The Workshop is NOT filled with with tacky or outdated strategies from 5 years ago.
The Workshop is NOT some cookie-cutter program. It's guides you how to customize your plan and website for your private practice.  

The Workshop is a DONE-WITH-YOU program with the education, accountability, and feedback necessary to help create a CUSTOM marketing asset for YOUR PT business.

You're ready to join The Workshop if you:

  • ​You have more time than money right now. It's better you keep things on your plate for your budget to work. 
  • ​You want to manage your own website and be independent of a website developer.
  • ​You built your current website but it's not converting the people who are looking for you. 
  • ​You want website strategy, systems, and AGENCY INSIDER support that are backed up by data and what’s working NOW for PTs across the globe.
  • ​You're ready to stop second-guessing what's working and want a realistic plan to fix your website.
  • ​​You’re ready to actually take action (no thinking about it, wishing about it, dreaming about it, talking about it… you’re ready to do it & get results!)
  • ​​​And you want to do all this without the stress and guesswork that comes with testing a website for the first time.

When you sign up, you'll get lifetime access to:

Our Signature Course: The Workshop

This five-module course [+4 bonus modules] covers everything that you need to know about turning your website into an online employee. You'll learn the secrets to new patient lead generation to the tech you need for success (and how to use it, of course!)

The Warm Up:
Building The 

You wouldn't build your house on a rocky foundation, so don't build your website on one either!
Lesson 1: Mindset Matters
Lesson 2: PT Website Secrets Principles
Lesson 3: Principle #1
Lesson 4: Principle #2
Lesson 5: Principle #3
Lesson 6: Understanding Patient Purchasing Behavior 
Lesson 7: My Secret Website Building Strategy

Module #1:
Mastering Your 

No tech stuff yet :) Your success depends on your ability to know WHO you should market to with your website and HOW. 
Lesson 1: What NOT To Do
Lesson 2: Crafting Value
Lesson 3: Wicked Website Design 
Lesson 4: The Picture Problem
Lesson 5: Informative - In What Way? 
Lesson 6: Online Employee - What Tech You Need
Lesson 7: The PTWS Template 
Lesson 8: Crafting Your Message
Lesson 9: The About Page Isn't About You
Lesson 10: Your Bio Isn't About You Either
Lesson 11: The Dreaded Welcome Video

Module #2:
Hitting A Home Run With Hot & Warm Leads

It's not a matter of IF your website can bring in hot and warm's WHEN. And this module makes sure that's ASAP.
Lesson 1: Principle #4
Lesson 2: How To Ask For The Sale
Lesson 3: Giving Options
Lesson 4: What To Offer
Lesson 5: Picking Your Offers
Lesson 6: Wording Your Offers For Success
Lesson 6: Form-Building Secret
Lesson 7: HIPAA-Compliant Forms
Lesson 8: Form Tech Stuff
Lesson 9: The Power Of Thank You
Lesson 10: Magical Testimonial-Generating Strategy

Module #3
Playing The Long Game:
Nurturing For Growth

Your website can be used for much more than hot & warm leads. Learn new ways to leverage your website as an online employee...
Lesson 1: No Means "Not Yet"
Lesson 2: Lead Magnet Lab
Lesson 3: Education-Based Website Marketing
Lesson 4: Picking Your Perfect Poison
Lesson 5: Writing Without Revealing Your Secrets
Lesson 6: Simplify Your Lead Magnet Tech Stuff
Lesson 7: BONUS Marketing Tip!

Module #4:
Tracking Your Success & Planning Your Next Move

If you don't know your numbers, how do you know your next step? You should always be optimizing or scaling. Here's how...
Lesson 1: How To Track Analytics
Lesson 2: The 5 Key Numbers You Need To Know To Make Decisions
Lesson 3: Analyze And Optimizing For Growing And Scaling 

Lead Conversion Training 

With Carrie Jose

Email Automation 

With Paul Gough

Plan Of Care Completion Secrets

With Dr. Amanda Sanders

Google Ads Strategies

With Paul Gough

Facebook Ads Set-Up

With Jordan Mather

Our Archive of Trainings, Tools, and Templates

Accelerate your growth and amplify your success with done-for-you marketing resources that give you the shortcut to testing and scaling!   

Get excited about our...
  • Copy Writing Templates: Never stare at a blank page again. We'll show you how to craft your message so it emotionally connects with your audience. More connection = more new patient leads!
  • Free Tips Report Bank: Stop agonizing over lead magnet content. We'll show you how to give lots of value (without giving away all your secrets!) 
  • Done-For-You Website Outline: Based on the data we've collected, we'll show you exactly WHERE to place everyone on your website (and teach you WHY while we're at it). 
  • The Ultimate Headline Generator: If you've agonized over who you serve and how to communicate this in the best way possible, we've got you. By the end of this course you'll have a message that will help you convert both online AND in-person. 
  • ​And so much more that we can't list it all here...

And You'll Get 60-day unlimited access to:

Our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Community

Get 24/7 support, encouragement, and advice from fellow private practice owners who totally "get it" in a fun and safe online environment! Support in our Facebook group is very high touch and includes marketing, Facebook ad questions answered and tech questions solved so you don’t waste time & money.

Weekly Support Calls from Christine & The PT Website Secrets Team

These live support calls are very high touch and personal. Come on and screen share what you've been working on in the course, whether it's your message, copy, actual website, or analytics. Get high touch support so you can get help make decisions fast based on real data and what's worked for the PTs who have gone before you. This allows you to customize all the course material for your own private practice!

Accountability Galore

This program wasn't designed to be looked at a little bit and implemented over a long period of time. It's for action takers who want to get their Online Employee website up and working for your business. Every step you need is right here at your fingertips to make sure you get it done!
Stop wasting your time spinning your wheels or trying to "copy and take things you like" from other websites --  let us GIVE you all the education, support, and resources you need in a SINGLE program.

Here’s What PTs JUST LIKE YOU Are Saying About Working With PT Website Secrets

*Money-Back Guarantee*

We believe in this program SO much we let you try it without any risk!
Go through Week 1, and if it's not what you expected, just let us know and we'll give you your money matter what!

Want To Take Your ClinicTo New Heights And Impact Your Community? 

We’ve Launched Over 231 PT Websites & Increased Our Clients’ ROI HUNDREDS Of Times...

  •  You can’t do that with posting on social media every day.
  • ​ You can't do that with a once-a-month workshop.
  • You can’t do that even if you had all the free time in the world.

*In order to get these kinds of results, you’d need an entire team of geniuses who are leading the industry forward with data-driven PT-Specific website strategy (AKA us).

Ready to dial in with our PROVEN data-driven PT-Specific approach?

So what is PT Website Secrets all about?

  •  Online Employee Websites Always Works, It’s Just A Matter Of When: A successful lead-generating website plan isn’t based on magic or luck; it is based on a proven process. When you commit to following that process, you succeed every single time.
  • ​Data Drives Our Every Action & Decision: The numbers don’t lie! At PT Website Secrets, we never make decisions based on what we “think” should happen, but rather what the data and numbers ACTUALLY tell us. (And we have lots of data a numbers as we manage 54+ websites in the PT niche!)
  • ​Our Work Creates A Ripple Effect Of Positive Impact: We don’t chase vanity awards like "best looking website" or how many people like your new website. Instead, we are committed to helping you create the private practice that supports your family and lifestyle while making a meaningful impact on your community. We track metrics that matter and create success. 
  • ​​Quality & Messaging Define Us: We help you focus on a singular strategy to achieve your highest level of success. Rather focusing on too many pieces at a time, we focus on those with the highest and most immediate results. 
  • ​​Value Drives Profit: We provide incredible value — in ROI, new patient leads, and sales — but we never forget our values: that the positive impact we create in your clinic helps you make a positive impact in the world.

We Can’t Tell You EXACTLY What Your Results Might Be, But We Can Tell You This…

If you’re looking to scale your clinic into the 6-figures and beyond with hands-free patient lead generation so that you can get back to doing what you do best in the business  (and actually LIVING the incredible life you’re built for yourself), we’ve got the data and results to back up the fact that we’re the ONE WAY that you can make that happen.

And there’s only ONE WAY to know for sure if we’re a good fit...

There’s no catch or commitment -- just opportunity.

So what are you waiting for? This is your personal invitation!

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