Website Check-Up Strategy Call
Find Out What's Wrong With Your PT Clinic's Website...AND How To Fix It
Are you tired of having a website that does nothing to help your business grow? 

Would you like to apply for a FREE Website Planning Strategy Call with PT Website Secrets to review your website and discover the fastest way to increase the number of new leads you get from the internet? 
Who Should Apply?
You Should Apply If You Are...
  • An Existing PT Business Owners who have an ineffective website that sites online like a pretty brochure but doesn't do anything to bring in new business. 
  • A NEW PT Business Owners who are just starting their practice and want to get their website right form the start so they don't waste time or money on something that doesn't work and will have to be changed in the future as they want their business to grow. 
  • A PT Business Owners Who Is Serious About Growth & Learning. You must be in front of your computer (and not distracted by driving, walking, or being in a coffee shop) to get the most out of your call. 
What Will You'll Get?
Here’s What You’ll Get From A 40-55 Minute Free Call
  • Find out why your current website strategy isn't working AND what to do about it.
  • Get a new website plan: discover the critical elements you're missing and why it's impossible to be successful without them.
  • Actionable ideas including 2-3 website strategies you are currently missing. 
  •  Answers to your specific questions about websites, marketing, and attracting new patients online. 
Who AM I?
Why Can I Make You These Promises...?

You might be wondering, how did I go from small cash PT business owner to "PT Website Expert"…and on to become the go-to person for PTs across the US when it comes to building or TRANSFORMING their clinic's websites?!?

It’s been a journey, with many unexpected twists and turns…here’s how it started:

A few years out of PT school, I decided that I either had to start my own CASH PT practice…or give up on practicing PT forever…
I felt like I had no other choice...
I couldn't stand the "run-of-the-mill" PT clinic model where patients were double, tripled, or (even worse) QUADRUPLE book and providing "cookie-cutter" care where everyone got the same treatment…I wanted to practice an entirely different way. I wanted to provide a different experience.

And so I did. I went for it and started a cash practice…
And I much so that I found myself on BEDREST while pregnant with my 2nd child...
As a solo practitioner, this sounded like a death sentence to my young cash practice.

While I would do anything to protect my unborn baby, I felt like I had no choice - it was do or die for my cash practice. 

I was too dependent on in-person marketing and word of mouth referrals for my cash practice to survive. 

I HAD to figure out how to bring in more new patients from my website so that I could nurture leads from my sofa and have a business to come back to after my son was born.

As I write, I have "re-started" my clinic from ZERO patients TWICE now…all by using my website and online marketing strategies.
My website has now become my hardest working employee. It brings in leads for me 24/7…even when I'm sleeping.
I love waking up to inquires in my mailbox from people asking about my services…

To get to that point, I invested a lot of time and money into training courses, masterminds, and spending a lot of time reading.

Over time, word started to get out that I had "hacked" a way to create one of these profitable websites on my own…without spending thousands of dollars or hiring a web developer or having a fancy computing degree.

PTs from all over the country started asking me for advice...
That's when I realized I have a special system that I needed to share.
I was a bit reluctant at first…I'm a busy mom of 2 kids…how would I have the time to do all this? Would people really want to listen to a physical therapist talk about websites and tech stuff???

In the end, I went for it…because I knew there were too many AMAZING PTs out there struggling to get patients into their clinics…and truthfully, I'm just one person and can only see so many patients in a week…and if I could help more patients by helping PTs then I was ALL IN!

And I'm so glad I put aside my personal fears because I found a welcoming community from around the world…

Paul Gough who coaches the top PTs in the USA supported my journey and has had me speak at his Rapid Action Bootcamp and write articles for his monthly magazine, Cash Is King...

CashPT Expert Aaron LeBauer invited me to be the feature speaker at his Live Elite Mastermind Event…

Greg Todd has asked me to teach how to build websites for his elite mastermind group and at SSPT Live...

I've been invited to talk on multiple podcasts and share my journey…

And I've made some AMAZING friends along the way...
Through all this my goal remains the same: to serve my fellow PTs by helping them position their PT services online so they get more new patients.

That way, together we can impact your community and keep as many people as possible off painkillers, out of the doctor's office, and back to living their active lifestyles…

And also for YOU get to build the career and lifestyle of YOUR dreams…
What People Are Saying About
PT Website Secrets™
Paul Gough
2-Time Best Selling Author, Founder Of Paul Gough Media & Paul Gough Physio Rooms
"The impact that Christine will have upon your clinic's success extends way beyond just having a more profitable website."

"Christine’s success in helping PT Clinic owners build a profitable website has been nothing short of sensational." 

"I wholeheartedly recommend you at least speak to her to find out what she can do for you."
Greg Todd
Business & Career Consultant For PTs
Co-Owner Renewal Rehab
“Christine has the best formula when it comes to having a website that actually makes you money and gets you customers! 

Aaron LeBauer
LeBauer Consulting & LeBauer Physical Therapy, Greensboro, NC
“If you want a website that converts visitors into cash paying patients then look no further than the Website Wizard herself, Christine Walker!”

Paul Jones

“Before working with Christine, I was stressed and relying on doctor referrals and weekend events to get new patients. My old website was more or less an online brochure. My new PT Website Secrets™ website is an active, integrated, lead-generating machine! It gets us at least 5 new patients each week!” 

Kris Winders

“I’ve had such a great experience working with Christine and PT Website Secrets™. With the changes she made, we get 1-2 new patients from our website each week...that’s going to add $40,000 to our bottom line this year. Thank you!”

Chad Cohle

“I can’t believe it! My old website did nothing for my business. With my new PT Website Secrets™ I’ve gotten 13 leads in 2 months and 10 have become patients. I now get calls consistently from my perfect patient.
Here’s What You're Coming To Your Strategy Call To Decide 
(The 3 Key Questions That Will Be Answered)
#1 - How does your website stack up against other PT businesses? Are you on track? Above average? Or below? 
#2 - Where is your biggest and best opportunity right now to fix your website and online marketing strategy? What part of website is in the direst need of repair? 
#3 - Whether or not enrolling in our or more of our programs is appropriate for you to help you achieve your goals. If yes, how do our programs work? What’s required of you? What is DONE for you and what is done WITH you? 
Who We Work With...
  •  Fed Up PT Business Owners who get little to no new patients from their website. They're surviving on word of mouth or referrals from other physicians, trainers, massage therapist, etc...
  •  Aspiring Clinic Owners who don't have a website but want to "get it right" from the start...because they know that online marketing is the KEY to growing and scaling the practice & lifestyle of their dreams. 
  •  Tech-Allergic PT Business Owners who (in their own words) are afraid that their website will explode if they try to log in or try change anything...
  • Frustrated PT Business Owners who are fighting against their web developer or company to get the website they want (and need!)...these owners VALUE working with someone who IS a physical therapist AND knows how to market physical therapy online (and they're tired of being held back!)
  • Forward-Thinking PT Clinic Owners who know that online marketing is the key to getting over the "flatline" and going from seeing 15 patient visits to 30 visits a week.
What To Do Next...
Step #1: Just Answer These Questions Below To Let Us Know You're Serious About Getting Your Website To Bring In More New Patients From The Internet...
Step #2: After completing the application, you will be able to self-select a time that is most convenient for you to have this call. Please allow 30 minutes for this call.
Step #3: Your application will be reviewed based on the criteria listed above. If you qualify, our team will send you pre-meeting materials that you MUST REVIEW BEFORE your strategy call. 

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