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Before you fill out this application form for a Strategy Call, it’s important for you to understand the work we do in helping other PT business owners get thousands of dollars worth of new patients from their website...

For this reason, we recommend you first read these brief case studies...
"For any private practice owner out there, I know it's so hard to fight the big giants for referrals...implementing Christine's strategies help level the playing field in a very cost-effective manner. Listen, I'm cheap. I would have never paid someone to do our website if I didn't think it would be well worth it. I can honestly say it's paid for itself and then some by our improved online presence.

We're getting a lot more direct response from our website with people asking questions or wanting to set up a consultation. The vast majority of the time, if someone has a question about PT, they end up scheduling an appointment after they've spoken to a therapist. Also, we track our referrals and I can definitely say that our internet-based referrals have gone way up."
- Kris Winders
BBN Physical Therapy, Lexington, KY
"When I was searching for answers on how to make a website, I felt really lost and was told by many people that it was either extremely difficult to do or that I'd have to pay someone else thousands of dollars to do it for me

The support I've received from Christine...has been unbelievable. I've inundated Christine with so many questions almost on a daily basis...Her knowledge and patience has been the most invaluable for me and the individualized attention and assistance is unlike I've ever seen.

(If you're thinking about talking to Christine...) DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! You would be foolish not to! I really feel like I stumbled on a gem and want to share it with so many others who feel lost like I did before discovering Christine."
- Nuha Hassan
Ascend Physical Therapy, Orland Park, IL
Who We Work With...
  •  Fed Up PT Business Owners who get little to no new patients from their website. They're surviving on word of mouth or referrals from other physicians, trainers, massage therapist, etc...
  •  Aspiring Clinic Owners who don't have a website but want to "get it right" from the start...because they know that online marketing is the KEY to growing and scaling the practice & lifestyle of their dreams. 
  •  Tech-Allergic PT Business Owners who (in their own words) are afraid that their website will explode if they try to log in or try change anything...
  •  Frustrated PT Business Owners who are fighting against their web developer or company to get the website they want (and need!)...these owners VALUE working with someone who IS a physical therapist AND knows how to market physical therapy online (and they're tired of being held back!)
  •  Forward-Thinking PT Clinic Owners who know that online marketing is the key to getting over the "flatline" and going from seeing 15 patient visits to 30 visits a week.
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