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How To Make A Superbill For Your Cash Practice
Written by Christine Walker, PT, DPT, PYT, PES
When I started my cash practice I was shocked how much time I was doing "paperwork". I thought I had left the traditional physical therapy model behind when I started my own business. Boy...was I wrong...

While I didn't have an insurance company demanding specific documentation, I still had patients who wanted to file their physical therapy benefits through their insurance company. I started using a simple Microsoft Word page, saving it as a PDF, and emailing it to clients. I quickly realized how inefficient this system was and started looking for an online alternative that would allow me to QUICKLY generate an invoice AND email it to clients. 
I needed an efficient way to generate professional invoices...
After finding QuickBooks to be cumbersome when creating new clients, I turned to a new online program (that also happened to be free!) I've put together a demo video for you so that YOU can simplify your private practice with online superbills. 
And don't forget to grab this week's episode freebie. Inside you'll find a sample super bill from MY practice, as well as a quick reference for all the CPT and location codes you need to start building your super bills. Be sure to download it now so that you have it on file when you need it! 


Christine Walker is a physical therapist, cash PT practice owner, wife & mom of 2 in Charlotte, NC. She helps other PTs find financial and professional freedom by tackling the technology needed to build their business websites to bring in MORE new patient leads from the internet. She loves the Tar Heels, hot tea, and chasing her kids around the house as they dribble soccer balls.  Connect with her on Facebook by clicking HERE.

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